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E-Export with an E-commerce Site

96% of e-commerce sites opened in Turkey are closed in the first year.
When you start e-export with low-impact e-commerce packages, you will be alone in all processes.

Annual e-commerce sales of Propars sellers are growing by 300%.

E-export with Propars

All of those who started e-export with Propars sold to the world in the first year. 64% of those who received Propars' free basic consultancy service started e-export in the first 3 months.

The sales of users who sell to 3 or more marketplaces increase by 156%.


  • With the automatic translation system, the product information you write in Turkish is automatically translated into the language of the country where you open the market for sale.
  • If you want, you can add your special translations for each country to your products at Propars.
  • You can see and select the categories of that country in Turkish in whichever country you want to sell your products in the marketplace.
  • You can see the “product filters” in Turkish, which make your products stand out in the marketplaces, and match them with your own product filters and open them for sale. Example: GREEN in the product filter will appear as GREEN in the UK marketplace.
  • In Turkey, your British customer sees the shoe you sell as size 40 as 6,5 and your American customer as 9, so you will achieve high customer satisfaction by selling the right product.

The choice of 1500+ businesses is Propars.

"You can connect your e-commerce site or erp accounting program to Propars and add e-export feature. It is as important to manage as it is to sell"

Start E-Export in Three Steps with Propars

  • Store Opening

    Propars opens its stores for you free of charge on the platforms you want to sell.

  • Easy Shipping

    It allows you to get special discounted prices from the contracted cargo companies and make easy shipping.

  • Start Sale

    The products you upload to Propars are sold in the countries you want.

Sell ​​All Over the World Earn More!

With Propars, start selling with one click in global marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Allegro, Wish and Etsy!

Manage orders from one screen

Collect all your orders on a single screen, invoice with one click! You can issue e-invoices in bulk for your orders from marketplaces and your own e-commerce site and print out a bulk cargo form.


By uploading your products to Propars only once, you can put them up for sale on all sites with a single click.
You don't have to worry about posting separately for each product. Thousands of products will be on sale in a few seconds at the stores you choose.

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Shopping from the marketplaces instead of the customers' private e-commerce sites
Top 10 reasons why

Marketplace CustomersE-Commerce Site Customers
Free shipping option
Reasonable price policy
Fast shipping
Practical and easy shopping
One-stop shopping
Price comparison facility
Wide product range
Return policies
shopping experience


    The classical understanding of commerce has now left its place to e-commerce. However, e-commerce does not only enable you to reach all the cities of your own country. At the same time, countries offer the chance to cross continents. With e-export, you can deliver your products to your potential customers anywhere in the world.

    Global marketplaces are now a gigantic and virtual shopping center where all customers around the world meet. Opening a store on these platforms means having a business that the whole world will visit.

    Although e-export has become very popular, especially with the foreign exchange activity in recent years, businesses have certain reservations about this issue.

    First of all, our SMEs, who do not have enough information, think that they cannot cope with these transactions. Large-scale enterprises, on the other hand, have difficulties in taking the right steps.

    However, software supports, government incentives, payment services, logistics services are highly developed. Now, whatever the scale or product of a business, e-export can get started quickly and easily.

    Propars is the solution partner of global platforms in Turkey. With our advanced software and professional team, we bring more and more of our businesses to e-export.

    With E-Export Earning With Currency Rates

    The Turkish lira has followed a fluctuating chart in recent years and unfortunately experienced a significant depreciation. However, there is a way to turn this situation into an advantage.

    Selling your products at appreciating exchange rates allows your products to gain value in TL. The products you produce in TL in Turkey are traded abroad in currencies such as USD, euro and sterling. In this way, you will increase your profitability with e-export. Besides; This is just one of the advantages of e-exporting.

    Your shipments within the scope of micro export are exempt from tax in Turkey. Moreover; If you paid any VAT while purchasing this product, it will allow you to get this amount back.

    Splitting your trading across multiple channels with exchange rates provides a safer revenue model for your business. And it protects you from fluctuations in the domestic market.

    Selling All Over the World

    With the widespread use of the internet, the world has become globalized and, in a sense, shrunk. Distances are not that far anymore. A business in Turkey can easily introduce its product to its potential customers in another continent and can deliver it quickly if an order is received.

    You do not need to think about how many people you can sell a product you produce in your own city or country. The important question is; how many people in the world you can sell it to.

    Why not cross borders when you can reach the whole world?

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