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Upload your products to Propars and sell them on Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce platform!

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With Propars, Amazon integration, start selling in all countries where Amazon is active, especially in America, Europe and the Arabian Peninsula!

Upload your products to Propars and sell them on Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce platform!
Your orders from Amazon are collected on the same screen with all your other orders.
  • You can upload your products to Propars in bulk with Excel or XML.
  • You can sell the products you add to Propars on Amazon with a single click.
  • All stocks are tracked automatically. Price and stock changes are reflected instantly
  • Your orders from Amazon are collected on the same screen with all your other orders.
  • Make bulk updates on products.
  • Generate free e-invoice for your orders with one click

Why do people buy from me after opening a store on Amazon?

"Preferred in a sale on Amazon
It's Amazon's brand credibility, not your store."

Propars Blog: Why should I sell 15 items on Amazon?

Manage e-commerce on a single screen with Propars Marketplaces Integration

  • Easy Product entry: You can add the products you add to Propars to your stores in all marketplaces at the same time and open them for sale.

  • Automatic currency conversion: You can sell your products sold in foreign currency in Turkish marketplaces in TL, and you can sell your products in TL at different exchange rates in different countries.

  • Instant Stock and Price Update: You can instantly check your stores and physical stores on the world's largest e-commerce sites Amazon, eBay and Etsy. In other words, when you sell a product in Propars in your physical store and run out of stock, the product is automatically closed for sale in the store located in Amazon France at the same time.

  • More marketplaces: Marketplaces in Turkey and the world's leading marketplaces, Propars, are constantly being added in new countries.

  • Current: Innovations made in the marketplaces are followed by Propars and added to Propars.

  • Multiple Price: By creating price groups, you can sell in any marketplace with the price you want.

  • Feature management: You can easily manage the required product features in the marketplaces with Propars.

  • Product Options: You can transfer product options such as color and size to all marketplaces by defining different photos and different prices.


Do not be late!

Joining Amazon worldwide in the first half of 2020
number of vendors 651.000 Today too 3.145, per hour 131, 2 vendors per minute
means. Amazon at the current average rate
1.1 million sellers participate annually.

Propars Frequently asked questions

What is Propars?
Propars is a trade-facilitating program that can be used by any business that trades. It saves businesses from using separate programs for their different needs, and saves businesses time and money. Thanks to its many features such as stock management, pre-accounting management, order and customer management, businesses can meet all their needs under one roof.
What features does Propars have?
Propars has Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Accounting Management, E-commerce Management, Order Management, Customer Communication Management features. These modules, each of which are quite comprehensive, were designed in line with the needs of SMEs.
What does E-Commerce Management mean?
E-commerce management; It means you reach millions of customers in Turkey and all over the world by bringing the products you sell in your business to the internet. If you have Propars with you, don't hesitate, e-commerce management is very easy with Propars! Propars automates most of the necessary processes and helps you achieve success in e-commerce.
In which e-commerce channels will my products go on sale with Propars?
In the largest digital markets where many sellers such as N11, Gittigidiyor, Trendyol, Hepsiburada, Ebay, Amazon and Etsy sell their products, Propars automatically puts the products on sale with a single click.
How will I transfer my products to Propars?
In order for your products to go on sale in many internet markets, it is sufficient to transfer them to Propars only once. For this, small businesses with a small number of products can easily enter their products using the Inventory Management module of Propars. Businesses with a large number of products can upload XML files containing product information to Propars and transfer thousands of products to Propars in a few seconds.
How do I start using Propars?
You can request a free trial by clicking the 'Try for Free' button in the upper right corner of each page and filling out the form that opens. When your request reaches you, a Propars representative will call you immediately and you will start using Propars for free.
I bought a pack, can I change it later?
Yes, you can switch between packages at any time. To keep up with the changing needs of your business, just call Propars!

Sell ​​All Over the World Earn More!

With Propars, start selling with one click in global marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy!

Manage orders from one screen

Collect all your orders on a single screen, cut your invoice with one click! It can issue e-invoices in bulk for the orders coming from the marketplaces and your own e-commerce site; You can print out the bulk cargo form.

market places

By uploading your products to Propars only once, you can put them up for sale on all sites with a single click.
You don't have to worry about posting separately for each product. Thousands of products will be on sale in a few seconds at the stores you choose.

Can't decide?

Let us help you decide.
Please call our customer representative about our packages.

Amazon Integration

    Selling on seems like a dream come true for many businesses. However, opening a store and selling in this huge market is much easier than you think. In order to be able to sell on Amazon with the Propars-Amazon integration, it is sufficient to have a valid tax registration in Turkey. If you have a tax record, all you need is Propars to become a seller in the world's largest marketplace!

    Being the first and only company in Turkey to integrate with, Propars is also on the Amazon SPN list and is Amazon's solution partner in Turkey.

    You can manage all your stores from the same place by integrating your other virtual stores into the Propars panel, where you will sell on The World's Largest Marketplace

    Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce site with more than 300 million active users and a daily turnover of more than a billion dollars. Being a seller in this ecosystem means delivering your products to the whole world. An easy and safe port for a business that wants to do e-Export.

    In addition, Amazon's brand awareness and credibility protect you from significant expenses that have an uncertain end.

    Your products, which will be traded in USD on, will gain value in TL and increase your profitability. E-Export offers you millions of potential customers and earning over foreign exchange rates.

    Amazon Integration Store Setup

    Setting up a store on is a serious and painstaking process. For this reason, make sure that you prepare your documents correctly and completely. Documents belonging to your business in Turkey are valid on Amazon.

    Do not forget that you can get professional support related to this process from the Propars team. When the right steps are taken, the store setup process is a stage that can be passed quickly and easily. Moreover, if you already have an Amazon store, it only takes a few seconds to integrate it into your Propars panel.

    You can reach a Propars expert right now to get detailed information about store setups and integration.

    Propars - Amazon Integration

    With Propars, Amazon's business partner in Turkey, it is possible for every business to sell on Amazon. Some of the features you can benefit from in Propars-Amazon integration are as follows;

    - Product listing on,

    - Order management and free e-invoice,

    - Automatic stock tracking,

    - Turkish management opportunity,

    - Automatic language and measure translation,

    - Store setup support,