About Us

Propars is a global e-export software headquartered in Turkey that produces professional e-commerce solutions for businesses.


Founded in 2013 within the body of Istanbul University Technopolis, Propars has contributed to the digital transformation process of thousands of businesses. While enabling businesses to manage all their technical needs in e-commerce, he also served as an official e-invoice/e-archive service provider.

With the Ebay.com integration completed in 2016, the first official name was taken in the field of e-export. Realizing the Amazon.com integration in 2017, Propars was selected as a Pilot Project by Türk Telekom in the same year.

By 2019, it also integrated in 26 countries including Amazon and Ebay, and entered the Amazon SPN list in 2020. Propars, the first and only software in Turkey that provides full integration with global marketplaces, is adding a new online marketplace to its portfolio every day. It further expands the sales network it offers to its users with the world's leading global and local marketplaces.

Propars E-Export

Businesses in Turkey using Propars have so far sent millions of orders to 20 countries through more than 107 different global marketplaces. Due to its global and advanced software structure, European and American vendors also started to prefer Propars.

Allowing any business to sell to the whole world using only their native language, Propars meets all the technical requirements needed in e-commerce from a single panel and stands out in the global market.


Propars has adopted the principle of digitalizing SMEs and opening them up to the world. It has invited SMEs to e-export and create added value for the country's economy, with hundreds of e-commerce/e-export trainings it has offered free of charge so far.

It reaches more and more SMEs every day, together with many valuable business partners, especially the leading banks of Turkey.

What's in Propars?

A business using Propars can meet all its needs in e-commerce and e-export processes from one place. The main features you can access in Propars are as follows;

Easy marketplace management with batch transactions,

Possibility to manage all marketplaces from the same screen,

Automatic stock tracking,

Order management page and e-invoice/e-archive service

Automatic translation services

Opportunity to access the campaigns of business partners.