E-commerce site integration

Managing sales across various marketplaces and your own website can be time-consuming due to the operational complexities involved. Propars simplifies this process, enabling swift data flow by directly integrating with leading e-commerce infrastructures across its expansive network.

With Propars, you can efficiently handle your sales on both domestic and international marketplaces like Amazon, Wish, eBay, Allegro, Walmart, and more, all from a single panel. Seamlessly amalgamate your product listings, order management, and shipping processes into one intuitive interface, making cross-border e-commerce effortlessly manageable.


E-commerce to Cross-Border Commerce Transition

Integrating your current e-commerce site with Propars simplifies the expansion of your product listings into both local and international marketplaces. With the Propars platform, you can centralize the management of orders from your own website and various online stores on a single screen, consolidate stock levels, and simultaneously update product details.

Key Integrations

Propars supports integration with major platforms including:

  • T-soft
  • Ideasoft
  • Ticimax
  • Ikas
  • Shopify
  • Plus, all major pre-built e-commerce platforms

This means, regardless of your chosen platform, you can access and leverage Propars’ comprehensive integration services to amplify your reach and efficiency in the global e-commerce landscape.



Elevate Your Account Health with Propars

Effective customer service and continuous support are crucial for e-commerce success. Propars excels in these areas, providing a dedicated team with diverse expertise focused on customer success.

This approach involves a thorough analysis of the customer’s needs, current standing, and competition to develop a tailored strategy.

Key Features of the Process:

Elevate Your Business to Global Success

At Propars, we stand as your steadfast ally in navigating the e-commerce landscape. Our blend of cutting-edge technology and seasoned expertise empowers businesses to thrive on a global scale. Tailored solutions, rooted in deep industry insight and strategic partnerships, cater to your unique challenges, driving growth and success.


Harness Exchange Rate Opportunities


Maximize Government Incentives

(Turkish sellers only)


Stand out among your competitors


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