Propars panel features

Streamline Your E-Commerce Operations

Propars Panel simplifies the complex world of e-commerce with its user-friendly interface, transforming challenging tasks into simple solutions. Equipped with integrated and innovative features, it allows you to manage multiple platforms from a centralized point, effectively list your products on global marketplaces, and sell internationally by overcoming language barriers.

Discover the full capabilities of Propars Panel and see how it can propel your business forward in the digital marketplace.


User-Friendly Interface

The panel’s intuitive design ensures ease of use.

Supports multiple languages, enhancing quick adaptation and management efficiency.


Marketplace Management

Manage all local and global marketplaces from a single screen to save time and enhance productivity.

Allows effortless transitions between different platforms, preventing time loss.


Product Management

Upload and update product details across multiple marketplaces through one unified interface.


Feature Management

Enter and manage specific features for various platforms from a single location, optimizing time use and reducing errors.


Localization and Translation

Automatic translation and localization of product details, including units of measure, ensure your products resonate with international customers.


Content Management

Our partnership with Megamerchant leads to the creation of compelling brand pages with A+ content. This streamlined approach enhances your product visibility and market appeal effortlessly.


Propars Panel Visual Tour


Unleashing Global E-Commerce Potential

Propars, in partnership with MegaMerchant, offers unparalleled advantages for businesses aiming to excel in global marketplaces.

This collaboration enriches Propars’ robust features with MegaMerchant’s extensive trade capabilities, encompassing everything from marketing and logistics management to competitive pricing and cross-border e-commerce incentives, providing comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to thrive internationally.

Combined Strength for Enhanced Market Presence

Propars’ dynamic features synergize with MegaMerchant’s substantial market presence to deliver end-to-end solutions that solidify your competitive stance in e-commerce. This alliance not only enhances the visibility of businesses internationally but also amplifies their operational capabilities in the global market.

Focused Marketing Management

Effective advertising and marketing management are pivotal in conquering global marketplaces. With the expertise of both Propars and MegaMerchant, businesses gain access to advanced marketing strategies and tools needed to navigate and succeed in these competitive arenas.

E-export Incentives

(Exclusively for Turkish sellers)

As Turkey’s pioneering e-export consortium, MegaMerchant provides unique incentives for Turkish businesses, facilitating access to governmental e-export supports that can significantly reduce costs and enhance global competitiveness.

Advanced Logistics Management

Leverage MegaMerchant’s cutting-edge logistics infrastructure to optimize storage and minimize shipping costs. Enjoy special rates such as the exclusive 7.5 Euros for a 10 kg package, available only to Propars businesses, ensuring your products are delivered efficiently and affordably.


Enhance Your Product Listings with Precision and Speed

Unlock the full potential of your product listings with Propars’ Feature Management. Designed to streamline your e-commerce operations, Propars enables swift and accurate product attribute management across multiple marketplaces.

User-Friendly Interface

Access all mandatory and optional product attributes required by various marketplaces, presented in an easily understandable language. This simplifies the process of listing and managing your products efficiently.

Integrated Feature Matching

Seamlessly synchronize product attributes from your website or ERP system to the marketplace of your choice. This integration ensures consistent and accurate product information across all platforms.

Rapid Marketplace Updates

With Propars, update product listings quickly across multiple marketplaces from a single interface. Eliminate the hassle of individually editing attributes on different platforms, saving time and reducing errors.

Multilingual Support

Conduct all your operations in your preferred language. Propars supports multiple languages, making it a versatile partner for global business operations.

Effective Marketplace Communication

Direct feature matching with marketplaces not only boosts your visibility but also enhances communication with customers, leading to improved sales performance and customer satisfaction.