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Here’s What to Expect:

    Setting Up the Demo:

    Simply fill out the form to get started. A Propars customer representative will contact you to arrange a date and time for your live demo session.

    Initial Consultation:

    Discuss your business model’s fit for cross-border e-commerce, strategize on the optimal approach, and understand how Propars can facilitate your expansion.

    Live Demo Experience:

    Engage in a 1-on-1 conversation during a detailed 1-hour live demo session where you can see Propars in action and learn how it integrates with major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Otto, and Etsy.

    Comprehensive Integration & Support:

    Propars provides robust integration solutions that allow you to manage your listings and sales on the world’s largest marketplaces through a single panel. Benefit from end-to-end services including overseas logistics and warehouse solutions, simplifying the entire process of cross-border e-commerce.

    Over a Decade of Pioneering E-commerce

    With over a decade of pioneering e-commerce, Propars began as an initiative at Istanbul University Technopolis in 2013, bolstered by KOSGEB R&D Project Support. Quickly ascending within the industry, it has distinguished itself as a proficient crossborder e-commerce integrator.

    Marking a first in Turkey, Propars led the integration with global marketplaces and remains the unique Amazon SPN certified e-commerce integration solution partner.


    Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN)

    SPN comprises vetted third-party service providers endorsed by Amazon to assist sellers in optimizing global e-commerce operations for more effective selling.

    amazon ads verified partner propars

    Approved Advertising Provider

    As an Amazon-approved advertising provider, Propars empowers its clients to more efficiently reach their target audience, enhancing product visibility and sales.


    Common questions answered

    What is Propars?

    Propars is a comprehensive software and consultancy service designed to streamline e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce processes. We provide businesses with all the necessary tools for stock, order, and return management; invoicing, shipping, and access to overseas warehouse facilities, all accessible via a single user-friendly platform. Propars supports businesses with the expertise of dedicated e-commerce specialists.

    What is Cross-border E-commerce Management?

    Cross-border e-commerce management involves simplifying the process for businesses to sell their products internationally through online platforms. Propars automates this process to help businesses efficiently reach global markets and connect with customers worldwide.

    Which platforms can I sell on with Propars?

    With Propars, you can seamlessly list and manage your products on major domestic and international marketplaces including Amazon (Europe and America), eBay, Etsy, Allegro, Walmart, Otto, Wish, as well as prominent local platforms like Trendyol, Hepsiburada, and n11.

    How do I add my products to Propars?

    Businesses can manually enter their product details via Propars’ Inventory Management Module or, for larger inventories, utilize XML files to upload thousands of products simultaneously.

    How can I try the Propars panel?

    To experience the Propars panel, simply fill out the demo request form on our Free Demo page. A Propars customer representative will contact you to set up a free demo, allowing you to explore our features and capabilities.

    What are Propars' new logistics and warehousing solutions?

    Propars provides exclusive logistics solutions including discounted rates with top carriers and effective stock synchronization across multiple warehouses, ensuring optimal stock availability on global platforms. This strategic approach not only cuts costs but also enhances customer satisfaction through smart warehouse management. For more details, visit our Warehousing & Shipping Solutions page.

    What does your consultancy service include?

    Our consultancy services are tailored to optimize your cross-border e-commerce operations. We assist in developing effective e-commerce strategies, selecting the right marketplaces, and crafting logistics solutions. Comprehensive support is detailed on our Customer Success Specialists page.

    How can large enterprises benefit from Propars?

    Propars is equipped to support both SMEs and large enterprises with customizable and scalable solutions that include advanced logistics, strategic e-commerce insights, and complete automation capabilities. This enables large enterprises to manage extensive operations efficiently without the need for a sizable in-house e-commerce team, transforming them into global brands that successfully navigate international markets.

    Impressive Milestones

    Propars' Impact on Global Commerce

    Propars empowers businesses to shine on the global stage, enabling successful sales to 117 countries worldwide.

    In 2023, businesses that embraced Propars for home textiles witnessed a remarkable 500% growth.

    With Propars, distance is no barrier; orders can be effortlessly fulfilled from Australia, spanning 13,000 kilometers.

    On Etsy.com, 40% of the top-selling Turkish businesses rely on Propars for their success.

    Propars masterfully manages over 6,000 categories and 800,000 products across 52 marketplaces in 6 languages.

    In the European Amazon and UK eBay markets, 60% of the “Auto accessories and spare parts” category sales from Turkey are made by Propars clientele.

    Propars users on Amazon America saw a significant sales boost of 165% during Prime Day 2023.

    A substantial 30% of the products sold from Turkey to Amazon Europe are by Propars customers.