Success Stories

Dive into the transformative journeys of brands that have leveraged Propars’ solutions to redefine their e-commerce and cross-border commerce success.

These inspiring tales showcase the significant strides made in establishing a potent global market presence…

A global e-commerce leap for The Purest Solutions

A global e-commerce leap for The Purest Solutions

We are delighted to announce our partnership with The Purest Solutions, a renowned brand known for its vegan, cruelty-free and biocompatible products available in over 30 countries. Together we are launching their dedicated Amazon store, marking a significant...

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Marat is on the global stage with Propars

Marat is on the global stage with Propars

Founded in the 1920s, Marat is a distinguished Estonian premium comfort wear brand. Named after the revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat, it combines a rich heritage with contemporary trends and eco-conscious practices, highlighted by its Green Certificate. Deciding to...

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Motokent: Steering Global Success with Propars

Motokent: Steering Global Success with Propars

Motokent stands as a testament to the potential of global e-commerce, having carved out a significant presence on the world stage. This journey of expansion and success was fueled by the strategic solutions provided by Propars, enabling the delivery of diverse auto...

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Crossborder Voyage Begins For ARMINE 

Crossborder Voyage Begins For ARMINE 

Armine, celebrated as one of Turkey’s premier conservative fashion brands, has embarked on an ambitious journey to expand its footprint across Europe and the Middle East, in a strategic alliance with Propars and Megamerchant. This collaboration marks a significant...

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Colins The Global Journey of Fashion

Colins The Global Journey of Fashion

Colins, one of Turkey's shining stars in the fashion industry, is rapidly moving towards becoming a global player with the opportunities offered by e-export. The variety and quality of Colins reaches a much wider audience on Amazon Europe. Thanks to the comprehensive...

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Elevate Your Business to Global Success

At Propars, we stand as your steadfast ally in navigating the e-commerce landscape. Our blend of cutting-edge technology and seasoned expertise empowers businesses to thrive on a global scale. Tailored solutions, rooted in deep industry insight and strategic partnerships, cater to your unique challenges, driving growth and success.

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Focusing on Your
E-Commerce Success

At Propars, we prioritize your success with a customer-oriented strategy, tailoring our approach to meet the unique goals of each partner. We establish robust communication throughout our cooperation, ensuring solution-oriented efforts to maximize your e-commerce achievements.


E-Commerce Growth in 3 Months

68% of clients who utilized Propars' complimentary basic consultancy initiated their e-commerce journey within the first three months.


Increase in Sales Rate

Customers engaging with three or more marketplaces witnessed an average sales increase of 156%.

Impressive Milestones

Propars' Impact on Global Commerce

Propars empowers businesses to shine on the global stage, enabling successful sales to 117 countries worldwide.

In 2023, businesses that embraced Propars for home textiles witnessed a remarkable 500% growth.

With Propars, distance is no barrier; orders can be effortlessly fulfilled from Australia, spanning 13,000 kilometers.

On Etsy.com, 40% of the top-selling Turkish businesses rely on Propars for their success.

Propars masterfully manages over 6,000 categories and 800,000 products across 52 marketplaces in 6 languages.

In the European Amazon and UK eBay markets, 60% of the “Auto accessories and spare parts” category sales from Turkey are made by Propars clientele.

Propars users on Amazon America saw a significant sales boost of 165% during Prime Day 2023.

A substantial 30% of the products sold from Turkey to Amazon Europe are by Propars customers.

Our platform consolidates, manages, and optimizes all aspects of cross-border e-commerce operations, allowing you to concentrate solely on expanding your business.

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Propars empowers businesses to effortlessly manage their presence across major global marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wallmart, Zalando, Allegro and Trendyol. From product cataloging to stock and pricing updates, globalization, localization, warehouse management, and order processing, Propars centralizes all your e-commerce needs into one intuitive platform.

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