How to Open a Seller Account on Amazon Europe

Are you ready to start to cross border e-commerce but don’t know how to open a seller account on Amazon Europe?

For you, we’ve provided detailed information on opening a seller account in Amazon Europe and selling to all European countries from a single panel with Amazon’s 9 different addresses in our article.

Our Topics:

  1. Documents Required to Create an Amazon Europe Seller Account
  2. Account Creation Page
  3. Business Information
  4. Seller Information
  5. Payment Information
  6. Determining Your Amazon Store Name
  7. Submission of the documents
  8. Open Your Store on Amazon Europe Quickly and Smoothly!

1. Documents Required to Create an Amazon Europe Seller Account

Documents required by Amazon to open a seller account varies depending on factors such as;

Type of company that you will open a seller account on

Country of the esthabilishment of the given company

Country of the citizenship of shareholder(s) the company

But as general rule of thumb, you will need the following documents;

For the company;

  • Business license that has
      • Business info and adress
      • Name of the shareholder(s) and their witholding amount within company
  • Business license should be issued within last 60 days of the submission
  • A bank or credit card account  statement that issued to your company. The business name and adress on the statement HAVE TO match with one on the business license
  • Account statement should be issued within last 60 days of the submission
  • An utility bill (gas, electric, water, internet) thats issued to company.
  • Utility bill should be issued within last 60 days of the submission

For the shareholder(s);

  • Accroding to Amazon a “Shareholder” is each person in the company that has at least 25% of the total shares. 
  • Government issued ID card / Passport / Driving license
  • An utility bill (gas, electric, water, internet) on behalf of the share holder.
  • Utility bill should be issued within last 60 days of the submission

All submitted documents should be one of the following formats; PDF, JPG or JPEG. Amazon favors documents that are scanned in PDF scanner compared to other formats.

Keep in mind that documents should be clean and clear and there shouldn’t be any sort of modification /  alterication at all.


After preparing all the documents you will need, you are now ready to open your seller account on Amazon Europe!

2.Account Creation Page

Go to sell.amazon.co.uk

amazon europe seller account

Click to “Sign up” button at the top right corner of the screen

A quick note: When creating an account on Amazon Europe, whether you sing up from Amazon.fr or an Amazon.de, it doesn’t matter! Your Amazon account opened from a single European country will be interconnected with all other countries.

amazon europe seller account

3.Business Information

The next step is to share the following information:

Your business location: This is the country in which your business is located. It’s crucial that this is accurate, as Amazon will be verifying it at the end of the registration and you can’t change this till registration is complete.

Your business type: You’ll choose your business entity from the following options (most fall into the ‘Privately-owned’ category):

  • State-owned business
  • Publicly-owned business
  • Privately-owned business
  • Charity
  • None, I am an individual

If you don’t have a business formed just yet, you can choose “None, I am an individual.” If you choose this option, Amazon is going to ask for your full name in the next step.

amazon europe seller account

4.Seller Information

From there, you’ll be asked to provide Amazon with a number of personal details. This includes a form of identification (either your passport / driver’s license / goverenment issued ID card, options can be vary depending on the region).

Before moving into next step, you will need to verify your phone number via a text or phone call. When you enter the 6-digit code that you received from Amazon, your number will be verified.  

Make sure all of your information is correct before moving on.

amazon europe seller account
amazon europe seller account

5.Payment Information

amazon europe seller account

In the next step you will be asked to enter your billing information.

  • You have to enter a bank account on behalf of your business. This bank account is going to be used for deposit and withdraw money between your Amazon and enrolled bank account
  • You’ll need to enter a valid credit card that can be charged for seller account subscription fee. Any chargable credit card will do the trick.
amazon europe seller account
amazon europe seller account

6.Determining Your Amazon Store Name

Determine a store name for your seller account. Don’t overthink about it since you can always change it later.

  • Whether or not you have UPC codes for your product(s) (if you’re not sure, just click “Yes”)
  • If you have any diversity certifications
  • If you are the manufacturer and/or brand owner of the product(s) you’re selling
  • If you click ‘Yes’ or ‘Some of them’ you’ll be asked: Do you own a government-  registered trademark for the branded products you want to sell on Amazon?
amazon europe seller account

We mentioned that you can sell throughout Europe by opening an account on Amazon Europe, but we want to warn you about an important point. Although you could take advantage of this opportunity by just opening one Amazon account, you’ll need to enter the products you want to sell into each of your European accounts individually.

We offer a solution that will relieve you of this burden and allow you to list the products you want to sell across all your European accounts from single place;

With Propars, you can create your Amazon Europe store quickly and smoothly.


To open your store on Amazon Europe quickly and smoothly, you can apply for Propars’ demo package!

Propars provides support both in the process of opening your store and in listing your products for sale.

By uploading your products only to the Propars panel, you can list them for sale in all European countries on Amazon with just one click!

Additionally, thanks to Propars’ automatic translation feature, you can list your products for sale in the language of the country’s marketplace without the need to know a foreign language, simply by writing your product information in your language of your choice.

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