Accessorypart, which owns the Apline, Omad and Omay brands, is the leading auto accessory company in Turkey for cross-border sales to Europe. Founded in Bursa in 2019 by Ardahan and Olgun in a 60 square metre shop, the company’s foundation lies in Ardahan’s extensive experience in the auto accessory sector and Olgun’s expertise in e-commerce. When they started, their goal was to sell locally manufactured products through e-commerce and expand sales to both Turkey and Europe.

In 2019, they approached Propars with their plans and a roadmap was created. This included adapting their products for international markets, opening accounts on platforms such as Amazon and eBay in Europe, listing their products on European and Turkish marketplaces, launching around 1000 different products on 20 different marketplaces, meticulously managing translation efforts, and tracking all orders through Propars’ screens. Subsequently, as regular orders started to come in, they started selling their products under their own brands, expanded their product range to over 2000 models, secured special shipping rates, demonstrated product compatibility and developed pricing strategies tailored to each country/marketplace.

During their growth phase, they set up a factory to manufacture a significant proportion of the products previously sourced from Turkish manufacturers, established companies in Bulgaria and France, centralised their European operations in a warehouse in France, launched their own multi-lingual e-commerce sites with advertising campaigns, and increased the proportion of their Turkish e-commerce sales to their total trade.

Currently, the company actively manages over 50 marketplace accounts and over 20 e-commerce site accounts through Propars, handling over 3000 product models through over 70 sales channels.

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