Guide to Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy

In this article, we have covered step-by-step what you need to do to sell on Etsy. In our article supported with images, we explained the process step by step.

Etsy stands out from other marketplaces  as a marketplace where you can sell handmade products or materials used to make these products. In this article, you will find information related to selling on Etsy such as:

  1. Step-by-Step Guide to Selling on Etsy
  2. Products Prohibited from Selling on Etsy
  3. Opening a Shop on Etsy
  4. Etsy Commission Rates
  5. Automated E-commerce with Propars

There are numerous sites available on the internet for e-commerce. Naturally, as these types of sites increase, there are sites emerging that focus on more specific niche within themselves. One of the foremost among these sites is Etsy. The first thing you need to know to sell on Etsy is that this e-commerce site focuses on vintage items not found on other sites. Etsy is a platform where handcrafted, original, high-quality, and vintage items are sold. The likelihood of selling on Etsy is directly proportional to the originality and uniqueness of your products. So, what steps should we follow to sell on Etsy?


1-Step-by-Step Guide to Selling on Etsy

When selling on Etsy, there are certain rules you must adhere to. These are as follows:

-The products you sell on Etsy must be entirely your own design. If there is someone assisting you in the design process, you are required to disclose this partner uploading  the product.

-The photos you put during product entry when selling on Etsy must be photos taken by yourself. Stock photos are not accepted by Etsy.

-If your product consists of materials used for designing, you must offer such products in the Craft Supplies category. Etsy expects transparency from you regarding the production and quality of these materials. Additionally, there are also products that you cannot sell on Etsy.


2-Products Prohibited from Selling on Etsy

As mentioned at the beginning of our article, Etsy is a platform for selling handmade products or the raw materials of such products. Selling a product that you have purchased from a store is called “reselling” and is prohibited. It is mandatory that you are directly involved in the production process of the items you display here or that you are offering the raw materials of handmade products for sale.

In addition, Etsy may scrutinize products suspected of being handmade and, if deemed necessary, may close sales. After considering this information, you are ready to take more concrete steps to sell on Etsy. Let’s start by opening a shop on Etsy.


3-Opening a Shop on Etsy

The process of opening an Etsy shop is much easier than commonly thought. With the language support and shop opening consultancy provided by Propars, you can become a shop owner on Etsy without needing to know English.

Click here to start with Propars 

It is mandatory to open a shop to sell on Etsy. To do this, follow these steps:

a) Go to etsy.com to create your account. Click to “Sign in” button on the top right corner of the screen. Select “Register” to create you Etsy account

etsy search bar
Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy
Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy

b) After creating your account, click on the “Sell on Etsy” option. It’s one that has “Shop stand” logo on it.

Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy

c) Click on the ‘Open your Etsy Shop’ and follow the site’s instructions. After entering all the information correctly and completely, you will need to confirm the email you receive to open a seller account on Etsy.

Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy

d) You need to choose your shop’s;

Language: The language of the listings that BUYERS will see.

Shop country: It will shown as sellers location and default dispatch location to buyers, choose accordingly.

Shop currency: The currency that you are going to use to decide price of your listings. If buyers  browses into your listing outside from of the chosen currency (e.g. Europe in case if you choose USD$) It will be automatically displayed in buyers currency by Etsy.

Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy

e) You have to name your Etsy shop. You can always change it in the future.

Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy

f) Etsy wants you to list a product before going to next step. Etsy being Etsy, you don’t have to enter a real product. You can enter a placeholder product that you can delete as soon as you finish the whole process. Just fill in the required product info (marked with red asterisk “*”)

Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy

g) Now you will need to enter your bank account to recieve payments from Etsy. There are few thing that to keep in mind though.

  • Select  “Individual” if you are entering a personal bank account. If you are entering an “Individual” bank account, the name on your ID that you entered to Etsy HAVE TO match with name on the bank account that you entered
  • Select “Business” if you are entering a bank account thats issued to a company. Be sure that the name on the bank account matches with the one that you entered to Etsy
  • In either methods, be sure that you entered details of your bank account correct, Etsy will send you a 0.01$ deposit to confirm your bank account. Your seller account won’t be active till bank account gets confirmed.
Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy

h) Fill out your personal info. Etsy will want you to upload your National ID card / Drivers License if you register as person or your business license if you register as business.

  • For ID cards, a close and clear photo of their both sides is more than sufficent.
  • For Business licenses it’s best to upload them in a clear scanned PDF file.
  • If you are US citizen / Entity, Etsy can demand more info about you such as SSN (Social Security Number) or Taxpayer ID.
Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy
Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy

i) Go through Plaid (Etsy’s solution partner for verifying bank accounts) to verify your bank account.


  • Plaid will send a small deposit with 3 digit code on it within 3 days. As soon as you recieve that deposit, write the 3 digit code on Payments section to Etsy to verify your bank account, Failing to do so can lead suspension of your seller account.
Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy

Enter your credit card info as a charge method for Etsy. Be sure that card is valid and it has chargable amount of money in it.

Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy

Choose your two-factor authenticaton method. Once you are authenticated your account you are set for business!


4-Etsy Commission Rates

Etsy, unlike typical e-commerce sites, charges separate commissions for listing products and for sales. Additionally, it may charge extra commissions for activities such as transferring funds between accounts, selling multiple items wholesale, etc.

You can see detailed pricing in the list below or click on this link for Etsy commission rates.

Selling and Opening a Shop on Etsy

5-Automated E-commerce with Propars

From inventory management to automatic customer response, from market research for pricing to finding automatic photos, Propars will be your greatest helper in the e-commerce field, making it very easy to sell on Etsy. 


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