How to Open an eBay Seller Account
A business must be in all domains of e-commerce to maximize its sales potential. In the day-to-day growing ecosystem of global e-commerce, eBay still reigns supreme with other titans of e-commerce. Having its roots as a local auction site, it gradually grew into the e-commerce giant that is today and created its audience of continuous buyers and sellers. It’s the second biggest global e-commerce marketplace by sales volume, just behind Amazon. Plain stats can be deceptive though, eBay has unrivaled sales volume in categories such as automotive spare parts, outdoor equipment, etc. Without further ado let’s dive into how to open your eBay seller account.


  1. Pre-requisteries before opening an eBay seller account
  2. How to open an eBay account step-by-step
    • Businesses based in United States
    • Businesses outside of United States

1.Pre-requisteries before opening an eBay seller account


Account type: First off you’ll need to decide whether are you going to sell as a person or a business. If you are reading our blog chances are high you are a business that trying to start selling on e-commerce. In this case, a “Business” account would be the appropriate choice. If you want to sell as a person, that’s okay, you can choose  a “Personal” account in that case.

Bank Account: Having an appropriate bank account is required not only to withdraw your money from your eBay account but also it’s required for register as a seller. The type of your bank account and which bank you have an account in has a huge impact on your seller registration. eBay will try to verify your bank account during registration. If eBay can’t verify your account, they can reject the registration application or worse, permanently suspend your account which will deny any future registrations that may you attempt. Different requirements depend on where your business is located and which type of company you have, but unfortunately, eBay doesn’t have clear guidelines about this process. No worries though, we are going to guide you through the whole process in this article.

As a general rule of thumb, if your business is based outside of the US you have to use Payoneer instead of a bank account. Payoneer is the primary solution partner of eBay. So it is practically impossible to open a seller account without having a Payoneer account. 

If your business is based in the US on the other hand you can’t and shouldn’t use Payoneer as a bank account. Instead, you should use an American bank account to complete registration as a seller. We will dive deeper into this matter further in this article.

Documents: eBay doesn’t demand any documents most of the time. But in some cases, eBay can demand details about you and your business for verification purposes after registration. Having scanned copies of your business license, a utility bill on behalf of your business, and your ID card ready is recommended for this process.  

E-mail: It’s a good idea to use a separate e-mail address if you have an eBay account for shopping for both for ease of use and the safety of your seller account as eBay has been notorious for flagging and suspending sellers with secondary accounts.

After making sure you fulfill the requirements, you can start opening your eBay account.

2.How to open an eBay account step-by-step

First off go to ebay.com for registration. Click to “register” button at the top left of the page.

ebay main page image

Choose “Business account” from the screen and enter your business name exactly as it’s written on your business license/bank account. This is vital for the outcome of your registration. Enter your e-mail and password for registration and choose where is your business located from the “Business location” section below. 

Do not select the “I only want to buy on eBay. I don’t want to sell.” on the bottom of the screen for obvious reasons.

ebay registration screen image

After this step guide splits into two separate ways. 

If you are a business based in United States you will open your account with a business bank account of your own thats based in United States.

If you are a business based out of United States you are going to use Payoneer for registration. You can skip below of this article.


For business based in United States:


First off you need to choose whether your business is a legal entity or not. If your business is a separate entity you need to select “Yes, my business is a legal entity”.

If you are selling under your name and do not have any separate entity, this means you are a sole proprietor/owner. In this case choose “No, I manage my business as a sole proprietor or owner”.

If you are a legal entity please choose the type of entity below and press the continue button.

Enter your registered business name, address, and registration exactly how it appears on your business license and bank account. This is the maybe most crucial advice in this guide for successful registration. Fill in the remaining fields according to your information.

ebay primary contact confirm image

Enter primary contact persons information.

Residential address: Enter the residential address exactly how it appears on the the registration extract / utility bill.

Date of birth: Enter the date of birth how exactly it appears on the Identity Document.

Type of ID: You can upload a Passport, Driver’s License, or Government ID of the primary contact person. The selection can change depending on the nationality of the primary contact person but at least one of them should be available for upload. 

A clear and close photo of the document with all the details visible is sufficient. The document shouldn’t be altered in any way.

Role within the company: Select the appropriate roles of the person by it’s description.

Company director: Only responsible from managing the account. Can also be a beneficial owner at the same time.

Beneficial owner:  Owns directly or indirectly 25% or more equity interests of your company. Such shares or voting rights. 

ebay primary contact image

Select continue after filling in all the information. 

You can review stakeholders / directors at this step. You can add more person if necessary from the “Add another stakeholder” button below.

Press continue if all stakeholders have been added.

ebay primary contact confirm

The business name associated with your checking account should be the same as the business name you use to register on eBay.

For example, if the business name on your checking account is “Joe’s Hobby Shop”, that’s the name you must use to register for your eBay business account.

It’s also important to make sure that your account type on eBay matches your checking account type. For example, you’ll need a business checking account to register a seller business eBay account.

To verify your bank account, eBay will need:

   Name on the checking account

   Bank name

   Routing number

   Account number

   Bank statement

Please make sure that the bank statement:

  • is for the account you’re going to register
  • is for an account that belongs to you and shows your first and last name or legal business name
  • shows your address and account number
  • is less than 3 months old
  • contains the bank’s logo and name
  • contains recent transactions without values
  • is a bank statement, not a letter from the bank

You need to upload a color picture in JPEG, JPG, PDF, or PNG format. The maximum file size is 10 MB.

ebay bank account image

Press “Continue” after filling in all the details.

Press “Confirm”. eBay will review your bank account for next few days, if you followed our instructions as we told, it’s no doubt that your application will be accepted.

For businesses outside of United States: 

If you are business outside of the United States you have to use Payoneer to create a seller account. Since Payoneer is the biggest and primary partner of the eBay, eBay will conduct seller verification through Payoneer. Making the whole process lot easier and faster.  

Click to “Get started” to begin the process.

ebay payoneer image

First off you need to verify your phone number with a security code.

ebay payoneer image 2

eBay will ask if you have an existing Payoneer account or if you’d like to create a new one. You’ll be prompted to either sign in to an existing account, or create a new account through Payoneer.

ebay payoneer image 4

Select payout currency. eBay uses your selected currency for your payouts, selling costs, and fees. Make sure you select a currency that is supported by your financial institution -in this case your Payoneer account-  You cannot change your currency after you submit your registration information.

ebay payoneer image 3

And then you can sign in to an existing Payoneer account or create a new one. If you are going to work with an existing Payoneer account, it may be necessary to update it.

It’s important that the account type and country of registration match on both accounts.

For example, if you have an eBay business account, you’ll need a Payoneer business account to register and to receive payouts. If the information does not match, your Payoneer account won’t be successfully linked and you’ll see an error message. This is extremely important because this step cannot be reverted once its submitted.

Once you’ve linked your eBay and Payoneer accounts, eBay will automatically transfer your existing profile information from Payoneer for you to review.

ebay payoneer image 5<br />

Once you sync the accounts, your Payoneer profile information will be applied to your eBay account, and you’ll be asked to add a credit or debit card to your eBay account. This payment method may be used by eBay to cover your selling costs when the proceeds from your sales are insufficient.

ebay credit card image

Once you’ve added a credit or debit card, you can submit your information.

Before your account is activated for selling on eBay, Payoneer will verify your personal or business information, ensuring your account details match. Once your details have been verified, you’ll receive an email and you’ll be ready to start receiving payouts to your Payoneer account for items you sell on eBay.

If Payoneer needs additional information to complete the verification process, they’ll contact you to request it. eBay will also place a notification in your eBay account to let you know Payoneer needs additional information before you can start receiving payouts.


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